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Image Editing in Photoshop

This image editing example shows cutting out objects and placing them in a different background image. I selected the zoomed in edges of each person perfectly, cropped them in layers in photoshop and added a new background.

Image Before

family before image

Family - original photo.

Image After

family edited

Cutting out the whole family as a group is the first step. I selected the outline edges closely of each each person, in between legs, arms, etc and layered the selection on the background image. I added shadows behind us, put grass on our shoes, dulled some clothing colors and blended the photo as best I could. I adjusted thighs, chins, arms and other areas that make everyone look a little better body wise. Not the best example visually, appears totally photoshopped, but any background would have been better than that old store front in McCook Nebraska! Kind of fun.