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Useful Information

Understand the 'Terms'

As you have already experienced, the web is full of acronyms and tech talk. Sometimes there is no simple term that is all encompassing.
The Digital Marketing Reference guide

What should I call my site?

Check out Dreamhost's domain name search to see if it's available and how much a different twist on the name will cost. Domain names are not expensive - the hardest part is being creative. Hosting can come later, get your name secured!
Dreamhost Domain Name Search

WordPress Websites

WordPress.org has great layout framework ideas. Do you like the look of a full page image or do you just want a site header? The looks of sites are endless, get an idea of what appeals to you most and we can go from there.
WordPress.org Theme ideas

Maintaining your site with WordPress

Once your site is custom built, you can easily keep it up to date, making any changes easily with the help of WordPress Codex Support, it's a great tool.
WordPress Information and Support

Social Media Integration

Now days interactively displaying Facebook, Twitter, etc. is important for online exposure and can be a powerful tool. I will help you create your business facebook and twitter presence and connect them to your website.

Website Revamp

Updating websites can be equally challenging with new technology, sliding images, animations and videos. Keeping up with trends and making your site continually innovative is the goal. Sometimes, it's easier to start from scratch on some older sites, I can help you do that.

Domain Names

Obtaining a domain name, like mine: webbydeb.com, is not an expensive endevour, in fact it costs about $14 a year. That's the easy part! Developing a catchy, easy and direct domain name can be the challenge. If you want to see if your thoughts of a domain name are available check out this link:
Dreamhost.com domain search (you don't have to buy it, just see if it's available)

Good Ol' Wikipedia

Understanding terms and how the web works, types of sites and generally a great place to learn:
Wikipedia - What is a Website