From concept to creation, building online dreams.

Services and Skills

Website Consulting

Websites can be tough to conceptualize by yourself. Let me help you design the website that markets your dream and targets your key audience. I believe in crafting a partnership and working together to make your project a success. It starts with a meeting where we will discuss your goals, requirements and style, what you do and what you don't do. After asking a lot of questions to determine the scope of the project, a creative brief is written detailing each portion and process of a site build.
see the pdf creative brief example for Gizmo Toys
We will create site wireframe diagrams, laying out the site section blocks.
see the examples of rough wireframes for Gizmo Toys
Where your site leads with each click, creating a heirarchy of flow is important and takes thought and planning. Navigational diagrams are helpful tools.
see an example of navigational diagraming.
Your site will have flow charts and use diagrams like this one:

You are unique, your site should be as well. It's my goal to collaborate with you to create a look that is uniquely yours.

WordPress Websites

Building your website in WordPress will make it far easier for you to control and edit the content later on, while also giving you a creative custom initial design look. We will start with a custom design and integrate it into a custom WordPress template just for you.

SQL Database Structure

For server side database inventory.

Blogs and Email Addresses

Building a blog site is easy with WordPress. Creating an email address exclusive to you and your site to attach to your blog for interation between them is smart technology. We can set up IMAP email on your phone for you to respond easily.

Social Media Integration

Now days interactively displaying Facebook, Twitter, etc. is important for online exposure and can be a powerful tool. I will help you create your business facebook and twitter presence and connect them to your website.

Website Revamp

Updating websites can be equally challenging with new technology, sliding images, animations and videos. Keeping up with trends and making your site continually innovative is the goal. Sometimes, it's easier to start from scratch on some older sites, I can help you do that.

Domain Names

Obtaining a domain name, like mine: webbydeb.com, is not an expensive endevour, in fact it costs about $14 a year. That's the easy part! Developing a catchy, easy and direct domain name can be the challenge. If you want to see if your thoughts of a domain name are available check out this link:
Dreamhost.com domain search (you don't have to buy it, just see if it's available)

Custom Google Maps

I can create an interactive google map for your site with markers anywhere or any color you want!

Site Photography and Editing

I can work with provided images or can take images as well as edit, recolor, crop, combine - all in photoshop. Making images for the web isn't an easy task, it can take hours to make the larger images usable in several sizes from widescreen to mobile rendering. See some of my work with photoshop: fun with photos

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Websites take upkeep, updating, changing of information regularly. My goal is to make sure your website is your most important marketing tool for your business, keeping it up to date is paramount. I will fully train you in accessing your website and making any changes you would like to see. Wordpress is easy enough that when your site is built, changes are simple to navigate with a little help. Before you know it, you will be your own website guru! I will help you every step of the way. WordPress Information and Support

What do my services cost?

There is no predefined package or pricing. Each client has different needs, ideas, wants and budgets, so each project will be estimated according to those factors. For website and design services, the work is structured around hourly rates, with a project cap. What this means is that I estimate how much time your project will take based on your specifications, goals and requirements, and set a total project cost (or cap) based on that. Close communication throughout your project is key to ensure that staying on budget is a priority, not to exceed your project cap without your explicit approval, leaving no surprise bills at the end of your project.
If you have a specific budget to work with, we can work together to determine what the scope of the project will be and stage it accordingly to stay within that budget.
There is no project that is too small.
Sample Client Questionaire to get started!