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Taylor Motorcycles Photoshop Work

Logo / Logo Editing

This logo was created as Taylor Motorcyles, Woodburn Oregon, turned 50 years old in 2014. Further edits show how the logo was edited to the current version: 'since 1964'.

Taylor 50 Year Logo

Taylor 50yr logo

The 50 year ribbon was removed from laying over the lettering, the 50 year lettering removed and replaced with 'since 1964'. Drop shadows to 'since 1964' weren't added for printing purposes. See Below on the Webpage layout - background on this logo was edited as transparent, then rendered black in this case.

Taylor Logo Year Edited

since 1964

Taylor Logo Black Background

Taylor Logo edited with black background

Taylor New Website background:
Four images saved into one.

Honda 2017 CRF450RX


This image had to be flipped horizontally, cropping out the left side of the image from the tire to the top of the rider's helmet, zooming in on the rider all the way left and top are the focus in this picture.

Honda 2017 Rancher


The Rancher image was harder to work with as the original image was vertical, not horizontal, cropping was tricky getting just the right portion of the vehicle while not cutting off the background too much.

Kawasaki Teryx


The Teryx image had to be flipped horizontally as well and cropped toward the front of the vehicle, leaving more focus on the atv at the left and bottom edges.

Kawasaki Ninja


The Kawasaki Ninja image was easier than the others, just cropped close to the front wheel and centered the bike on the bottom right corner.

Motorsport Images courtesy of Taylor Motorcycles, Kawasaki K-Dealer advertising and American Honda Motorsports Dealer advertising.

All Four Images, Resized and Layered into one Image

This is the composite image of all four cropped photos combine in one .jpg image. The edges of the images were blended lightly by 'smudging' the photos inks together - bluring the edges didn't look quite right, so I choose something you'd expect in motorsports - smudging the images together.


Website Background finished Image

This is the final wireframe layout of the New Taylor Motorcycles website currently being built. The background image I made out of the other images works perfectly on a site like this. To me, it definitely says Brraaappp!

new site layout